Call me Crazy!!!!!

I know this is so stupid of me, But I can't contain myself...I am so looking forward to go camping....All my babies are back from their little mini Vacations (Bre in Cancun, and Seth and Layne from Arkansas)and now we are going camping Thursday... We have been washing sheets and making sure there aint no spiders in the
camper..LOL..Stocking the fridge....and the pantry...Picking out DVD's for the kids bedroom..(our camper has 4 bunkbeds in the rear with an entertainment center) Thank Goodness!!!!!!
I am just ready to have a different surrounding for a few days...Something different!!!
Speaking of different, how do you like the new do that Brelynn has!!!? I almost didn't reconize her with her dark tan and her hair do!!! Bwhahahahahahaha


NancyJones said...

wow i didnt recognize her either!
how long did that take todo?

Patti Smith said...

Oh my goodness she looks so grown up....When my step daughter and I went to Bahamas she had her hair done and I made tons of pics of the girl doing it. It was really neat to watch. I hope you have the most wonderful time and enjoy those babies. We have only had the camper out once this summer maybe in August!!!

Greta Adams said...

yep..U CRAZY!!! lol
enjoy yourself you will have a blast