My Town

Ok the title looks horrible!!!! But I just love the pictures I took of downtown Terry... Terry was established in it is a very old town. They just built a new court house this spring... The old one was falling in. The Merchantile was one of the first buildings errected along with the train depot. Actually many years ago they moved our train depot up I55 highway to a park just off the frontage road. When the Friends of Terry established, they decided they wanted it back, and actually paid good money to get back what they had given to the park years before.

Terry isn't much, but it is now my home town.


Colette Bate said...

I truly envy you ... I think it would be a dream to live in an old, historic town .. with character, and history, and a wonderful 'home town' atmosphere. You're living in a place exactly opposite of me. You've got a huge yard surrounded by trees and horses and nature. You can shop in a quaint merchantile store, visit an historic train depot ... what a beautiful place to raise children and live a full, happy life with your husband. I'm so glad you scrapped these photos ... and shared them with us.

Patti Smith said...

Wonderful layout Jan. I wish Murfreesboro was still the "smaller town" it once was...I just love quaint little towns. I'm gonna have to go to Mapquest and see exactly where you are girl...have a good week!! Patti

Sherine said...

Those ghost letters look fabulous!!! Love this LO!