Brittneys Prom

This has been quite an ordeal... Yesterday my baby had an appointment to get a manicure and pedicure... She gets there early and the doors are locked... sooo she waits outside til way after her appointment and then she calls me, so I find someone else that could do them for her, come to find out the place she had the appointment was shut down by the State....eeeeek
Today when she got out of school, we had an appointment to get her hair and makeup done.... The girl who did her hair, did a horrible job.... we both cried all the way to get the make up done.. the make up looked beautiful by the way.... So then we called my daughter Brooke...She saved the day...she has a friend that does hair for a living, and she just happened to off today, and lived right around the corner from where we did the make up... So she was able to get her hair straightened out...Thank Goodness... On the way home, we realized it was after 5:00 and the place to pick up the boutonniere closes at 5:00... I called my husband and thank gosh they waited on him! So this will definately be a Prom to remember....LOL


NancyJones said...

sounds like a scrapbook page to me!!! she looks gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely beautiful Jan and I'm sure you are much stress you have got to scrap that!! Patti Smith

Sherine said...

And just think what the wedding day will be like! She looks absolutely stunning. Mama did good! (and we will give Daddy some credit too)