Windsor Ruins in Port Gibson MS

My Brother Chuck was working in Natchez. On his way home he stopped at Windsor Ruins and took this picture.
This house was built in 1861 by Smith Coffee Daniel II, he was a successful cotton planter.. He owned 21,000 acres of plantation land in Louisiana an Mississippi. Ironically, he died in April 1861, only weeks after completing his mansion. His wife and children continued to live at Windsor but were left to suffer the loss of much of the family's holdings during the Civil War.
Windsor's basic style was Greek Revival but with added details borrowed from Italianate and Gothic architecture. The house contained 23 rooms, with an above-ground basement, two residential floors and an attic. The ell-shaped extension on the east side, attached to a single row of columns extending from the main square, contained the kitchen, pantry,and dining room. Rainwater stored in large tanks in the attic supplied two bathrooms. A cupola, from which the Mississippi River could be viewed, was centered on top of the roof.
The Mansion survived the Cival War only to be destroyed by accidential fire on February 17, 1890. All was lost except for the columns and the ironwork. One flight of metal stairs from Windsor is now installed at Oakland Chapel on the campus of nearby Alcorn State University. All the Daniell family's photographs and drawings were lost in the fire. In 1991, historians discovered a drawing og Windsor sketched in 1863 by a Union soldier in Major General Ulysses S. Grant's army.
Descendants of the Daniell family donated Windsor Ruins to the State of Mississippi in 1974. Today the site is administered by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.


karen (akaliz) said...

very cool pic; kind of eerie though! found you on scrap diner. joined in the photo blog roll thingy in case you are wondering who the heck i am! :)

Anonymous said...

This looks like an incredible place to visit! Maybe next time I am in Mississippi...oh, I have never been to Mississippi.


Lynn said...

wow! great pic and history. love that stuff. wow!

NancyJones said...

THat is the painting that is hanging over my fire place.. the windsor ruins. mama did it. BEAUTIFUL place