My Baby's Owl Hat

My youngest child Brittney, although married, is still my baby! She loves owls. So I decided to crochet her an owl hat. I have not crocheted or knitted since I was young, my Mamaw Smith taught me when I would stay with her in Memphis during the summer..God I loved those summers with her. Everytime I would come, she would teach me a different craft. I think sometimes she would learn how to do something all year. just so she could teach me.

Ok back to the hat. So after watching on how to crochet a hat..:) It started coming back to me..LOL It may not be perfect, but my 20 year old baby NOW has an owl hat! I hope you like it sweetie!


NancyJones said...


BabyBokChoy said...

Girl, are you ever gonna get back here and blog? lol.

aiza said...

You made a hat that looks unique to other hats. its nice..

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