Chantele challenged us at Pen Pals to do a layout on a conversation...and all I could think of was the conversation I had with the grandkids this summer...God love em....They hold my heart!!!!!!

This is the conversation:
The girls: “Mamaw, Seth drives like
a Grandma.”

Me: “Well girls, maybe he is just trying
to drive carefully”.

Girls: “But we don’t want to be careful,

Layne: “I want Brelynn to drive.
She goes faster”.

Me: “But isn’t it Seth’s turn to drive?”

Seth: “I don’t mind Mamaw.
I’m tired of being careful!”


Gaspegirl said...

Too cute!! I think that I may try my hand at this challenge and do a conversation page of Heads or Tails... hehe! Thanks for the inspiration.

Greta Adams said...

bwhahahahahah girl i am in tears at that perfect!! and the convo too!!

and you ar eto young to be called maw maw...hehehehee

Patti Smith said...

Oh I love, love this....I can just hear them now...don't you just love those conversations Jan!!! great layout.

Noel said...

this is perfect!!!