I Can Help!

After Katrina we had over 100 trees cut down... We had the stumps ground, and this year we finally got the dirt to fill in the holes left by all of this... They delivered the dirt in several Large piles, and of course all this just calls a kid to play!!! Steve was on the tractor spreading the dirt.. Brelynn grabbed her shovel and said she was going to help Papaw... Well Shep (our dog) thought she was having too much fun, and decided he was "King of the Hill"... You can barely see where the dirt stops and Shep begins in the picture!!!LOL


Patti Smith said...

I'm so glad to be able to see everyone's blog again!!! LOL..you have been busy girl..love all the layouts...love the doodling around this layout...did you freehand that?? have a good weekend!!!

Colette Bate said...

I'm with Patti on this one ... LOVE the doodled border!! It MAKES this page sooooo graphic and fun!!! And, seriously, could you have found any flowers or paper that matched her outfit any better? I don't see how! OH!! And that adorable shovel guy in the triangle ... this is just soooo fun!

I haven't stopped by for a week .. or two ... bad Colette, bad, bad, bad ... and look at you! You're cranking out pages like Katrina's knocked down trees!! And, they're good ones, too!

Your page done for Brandy's birthday is just beautiful ... she looks a lot like her Mama ... and the pretty touches and that medallion shaped paper ... stitching .. ohhhh, it's lovely!

Everyone's talking about the new Making Memories Passport paper and I can see WHY!! Your zoo page freakin' rocks! Love the random stitching and the journaltag ... and those stamps!! Are they part of the line? They look fabulous on your page!

Being tagged is fun, huh? Silly ... but fun! I love how bits and pieces of who you are come through in those things. You touched my heart when you said you'd rather be sitting by your grandfather listening to his stories. And, honey ... you've barely been outside of Mississippi? That's amazing to me since I've moved a TON!! Who DOESN'T love CSI? And ... there's waaaay too much manual labor on your daily list of things you do ... laundry AND mow the lawn? I guess that's how you stay so thin and lovely.

Well, I can see from your blog you've been busy as heck ... so I won't keep you any longer. Just know that even if I don't stop by as often as I'd like ... I DEFINATELY love what I see ... and hear ... when I'm here.

And, that AIN'T NO joke!!

dutchbird said...

What a beautiful lay out! I love the colors and doodled border!

Deanna said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog... your layouts! You are very talented!

NancyJones said...

your doodling on this rocks girl!!!! love your pages!