Brelynn in her Wedding Dress?

When Brooke went to look at wedding dresses, Brelynn wanted to try them on too. So she had to pose for me... She looked just like an angel in that minature wedding gown. And the expression on her face was priceless... This was October 2006...

I used some new papers from Paper Trunk on this layout! They are so fun and funky..
Scrap-Diner has them all!!!!

Also I tried something different.. I printed her picture on a transparency, cut it out..then I printed a regular picture and cut it out and layered it on top, so it looks like a mirror image... well


The Squared One said...

Whoa, that transparency picture looks InCREDiiiiiiiiiiiiible!! I was wondering how you did that!! I looooooooove this layout, Jan, you are seriously outdoing yourself with each and every LO!!! Your pictures are simply stunning and of course it helps when you have GORGEOUS KIDS AND GKIDS!!! WOW WOW WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOW

NancyJones said...

you rocked the hell out of this girl