Nancy's Coming Home

I talked to Nancy this morning and the Spinal Tap was OK...THANK GOD... The Doctor said she has vasculitis.. which is swelling of the brain, which is due to her Lupus.. and she passsed a kidney stone.

They are finally letting her eat something today, and she may be able to come home this afternoon or tomorrow!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and let's hope Nancy can get back and be her Crazy self soon!!!!!


Colette Bate said...

Oh my ... poor Nancy ... this has to be torturous and unbearable for her. You have to admire her strength and love for her Bella. It's good news she's well enough to come home from the hospital. I just hope she doesn't let this 'set-back' get her down. She talked about 'altering' her new walker ... I'm sure she'll do a fabulous job of it. Thanks, Jan, for posting the update. A lot of us out here are worrying and concerned.

Greta said...

woo hoooo...i am sooooo happy

sarosmagi said...

it is sooo good to be home NOW to get past nurse ratchet (john) and get to my scrap room bwahahahahahaha